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Read Milo’s Inspiring “Tail”

What makes us different makes us special. But instead of celebrating our differences, we often fear them because of how others may react. With grace and humor, The Dog with the Crooked Tail teaches children to embrace the qualities that make them unique and combat bullying with kindness and compassion.

The charming story of a dog who overcomes his insecurities and finds self-confidence.

What Readers Have to Say

As a parent, grandparent, and educator, I absolutely love this sweet story. Not only is it beautifully written and adorably illustrated-but the message portrayed is acceptance, inclusion, and kindness. Any grandparent, or especially early childhood educator, will consider this book a valuable asset in their home or classroom collection.

- Lynne S., Educator

What Readers Have to Say

This book is a great book for small children, especially starting school. There are so many fears the kids have, that sometimes we don’t even know they’re dealing with them, and this book would easily help to calm these fears. Great illustrations also.

- Robin, Parent

What Readers Have to Say

The Dog with the Crooked Tail is an adorable story that teaches kids of all ages that their uniqueness is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather something to celebrate. In a world of comparison, especially on social media, this heartwarming story is another tool parents and teachers can use to teach inclusion to make our communities and schools safer and more welcoming.

- Alyssa, Educator

What Readers Have to Say

The Dog with the Crooked Tail illustrates inclusion, accepting and celebrating differences, encouraging self-confidence and promoting compassion.  This book hits large markers in the growth and development of children. If children learn self-love and acceptance, the likelihood of bullying dramatically decreases. This book is a wonderful way for children to have anti-bullying conversations early on and to have something to model their own behavior off while having fun. 

- Victoria, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

What Readers Have to Say

"Jeff put together a great package for our kids.  The book was great, the presentation was great, and the overall package/pricing for schools was great.  Jeff communicated thoroughly and promptly when needed.  Would definitely recommend it to another school!"

Joshua Sobczak | Superintendent/Principal

What Readers Have to Say

What a great experience for our first graders! Jeff came in and interacted with the students at a very comfortable level. The students were excited to share about their own pets and to learn about Milo and his crooked tail. They loved that Milo is really Jeff's dog! Jeff was so accommodating by answering the kids questions and signing their books! How special for them to meet a real live author and learn about being kind! Highly recommended!

Patty W. - Grand Blanc Academy Superintendent

Meet Milo

The author’s real-life family dog, Milo is just like any ordinary pup. But this Carolina Dog has a superpower — one that makes him stand out in the best of ways: he has a crooked tail! Milo’s journey from self-doubt to self-confidence will resonate with every reader, and inspire them to find the beauty in their own differences.

Bring Milo to the Classroom

With its bright colors, whimsical rhymes, and cheery themes, The Dog with the Crooked Tail children's book is education and entertainment all rolled into one. We invite parents and teachers to use Milo’s story as a device to promote self-esteem and combat bullying in their own homes and classrooms. While optimal for first-graders, all elementary students will be enchanted by Milo’s important message.

Live Author Readings

Want to meet the author? With the purchase of 25 or more books, Jeff will deliver a live reading at your school, library, or bookstore. Author readings are free anywhere in Southeast Michigan.

2023 Family Fun Walk

Join us on July 15th for an unforgettable experience at the first annual Family Fun Walk! Bring your family along for an enjoyable day filled with fun activities, while simultaneously supporting a great cause. For just $30 per family, you can get your hands on some amazing goodies, including a Milo Project t-shirt, a copy of The Dog with the Crooked Tail book, a charming backpack accessory, and a Milo Project Bracelet. Don't miss out on this opportunity to bond with your loved ones and contribute to a worthy cause. Register now!

*Additional merch can be purchased at the event.

About the Author

Jeff Chamberlain never expected to write a children’s book. But when the father of four survived a stroke at age 49, it caused him to rethink his life. He wanted to leave a lasting legacy by doing something bigger than himself — something that would leave an indelible imprint on the world. Read more about Jeff’s heartwarming transformation!

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