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About the Author

Like the dog who inspired his book, author Jeff Chamberlain has his own unique story.


Jeff was living a life typical of a 49-year man: a steady corporate job, a beautiful wife, four kids, and a mortgage. He was going through the motions, so entrenched in the grind that he didn’t realize how quickly life was passing him by. He never stopped to ask himself whether he was living a life of purpose or making a true impact on others.


That all changed dramatically on the morning of September 12, 2017. 


An active and healthy person, Jeff woke up that fateful morning feeling like something was just not right. He climbed out of bed, started down the hallway, and suddenly stumbled into the wall. With his blood pressure through the roof, Jeff’s wife dialed 911. He was transported to the ER, where he learned his shocking prognosis: Jeff had suffered a stroke caused by a dissected artery in his brainstem, which caused a brain aneurysm.


Suddenly, Jeff was in a battle for his life. A lengthy stay in the hospital seemed like the least of his problems. Jeff had double-vision, a paralyzed left vocal cord and diaphragm, and no ability to feel temperature on the right side of his body or the left side of his face. What’s more, he couldn’t walk without the support of a walker.


Jeff was devastated, but determined. The months to follow consisted of intense physical therapy, vision therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. All the therapy, combined with unwavering support from friends and family, allowed Jeff to make a miraculous recovery. 


The process gave Jeff time to reflect on how he had lived up to this point. Although he was happy and grateful for everything he had, Jeff realized how precious life was and felt a burning desire to do more. He developed a passion for service, with a special affinity for projects that would impact people. His spiritual awakening fueled his journey to writing.


Jeff’s most recent book, The Dog with the Crooked Tail, is the first of the “MILO” series and is when “The Milo Project” was born. He plans to write more books soon!


Jeff would love to hear from YOU. Please share your story about how Milo has impacted your life.

What Readers Have to Say

As a parent, grandparent, and educator, I absolutely love this sweet story. Not only is it beautifully written and adorably illustrated-but the message portrayed is acceptance, inclusion, and kindness. Any grandparent, or especially early childhood educator, will consider this book a valuable asset in their home or classroom collection.

- Lynne S., Educator

What Readers Have to Say

This book is a great book for small children, especially starting school. There are so many fears the kids have, that sometimes we don’t even know they’re dealing with them, and this book would easily help to calm these fears. Great illustrations also.

- Robin, Parent

What Readers Have to Say

The Dog with the Crooked Tail is an adorable story that teaches kids of all ages that their uniqueness is nothing to be ashamed of, but rather something to celebrate. In a world of comparison, especially on social media, this heartwarming story is another tool parents and teachers can use to teach inclusion to make our communities and schools safer and more welcoming.

- Alyssa, Educator

What Readers Have to Say

The Dog with the Crooked Tail illustrates inclusion, accepting and celebrating differences, encouraging self-confidence and promoting compassion.  This book hits large markers in the growth and development of children. If children learn self-love and acceptance, the likelihood of bullying dramatically decreases. This book is a wonderful way for children to have anti-bullying conversations early on and to have something to model their own behavior off while having fun. 

- Victoria, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

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